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The Tubguy is a family owned small business that specializes in refinishing Bathtubs,Tile And Fiberglass for Homeowners and General the Pittsburgh,Pa,Cleveland,Oh,Akron,Oh, And Youngstown,Oh Areas. The owner has 20 years in the Bathtub Reglazing Industry The Tubguy has focused on Customer Service and Quality of Work to build trusted relationships with all of It's clients.

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Bathtub Refinishing

Resurfacing, refinishing, or reglazing a bathtub offers a cost- and time-effective solution. For the price of a new tub, The Tubguy can add a brand-new coating to the bathtub, allowing it to be used again the next day, without the additional delays caused by replacement. And of course comes with our service contract To ensure you never have a dingy bathtub again.


Tile Refinishing

Over time, tiles become porous and stained. This allows for dirt and germ deposits to naturally build up and become permanent. Discoloration cannot be removed with mere household cleansers. Most people believe they have no option but to hire a contractor to replace the tile. Not only will this cost thousands of dollars but may take weeks, if not months.The Tubguy can turn the old, worn, or ugly color tile surface into a new, clean, and beautiful finish in a matter of hours. leaving a clean glossy finish that is appealing again.


Fiberglass Repair And Refinishing

Has your fiberglass bathtub,shower,or one-piece kit lost it's luster or is it the wrong color or maybe it has damage from old shower doors. The Tubguy can bring it back to life repair any chips or holes and refinish it Ask about our Fiberglass Repair And refinishing.


Hire Porcelain Bathtub Reglazing Services from Us

Bathtub Refinishing Process The Bathtub is first: deep cleaned to get rid of dirt debris and soap scum second:It is etched to ensure a proper bonding surface.Third:Everything is masked off with paper and tape and everything is drop clothed to protect it from dust.Fourth:A lead blocking primer is applied.Fifth:2 coats of topcoat are applied. And Finally Everything is cleaned up and your fixture is ready to be put back in use the next day!!!

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Services in Cleveland and Pittsburgh

Ask about our Bathtub Refinishing in Pittsburgh,Pa Akron,Oh Cleveland,Oh Canton,Oh And Youngstown,Oh

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25DEC, 15
Spring Time

Ah Spring time is upon us.This time of year is a great time to get started on all those home improvment projects you’ve been waiting all winter to get started on.Why not start in the bathroom is your bathtub dingy,stained impossible to clean? Or is it an unsightly color.Call the Tubguy today and schedule a […]

Most people think you cant refinish fiberglass bathtubs or walls. But the truth is they are able to be refinished. Most one piece fiberglass kits are very expensive to replace either due to a custom size or the fact they were installed before the walls went up at time of the building of your home.The […]

clients Testimonials

Bill did a wonderful job! He was promt, and curteous. There’s a small imperfection that Bill made my husband aware of, and will be back to fix it.

- Patty

I had the tubguy redo a fiberglass tub and shower unit for me it was a nasty avocado green bill made it bright bathroom is now a friendly place to get ready in the mornings.he was very professional. I’ve referred him to several of my Friends and neighbors.They have all been very pleased with his work also.

- Peggy